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Neon Gradient Leopard Print – from 2014

Hello again!

It’s been a while! To get back into blogging on WordPress I thought I’d have a go at importing from my Blogger site – this was my favourite mani from 2014, complete with pictorial – I hope it works!

… I love gradients – both doing (ie trying to do) them and the finished look – and the idea that even a failed gradient can be resurrected with a stamp or glitter or both!

Not long ago there was a spate of neon gradients on IG and I’ve been wanting to give it a go and started hunting down some Ulta3 neons (BabsNails I blame you for this!). I also wanted to try a different sponge.  BTW – my go to spot for checking out swatches of Ulta3s listed by colour and finish is More Nail Polish‘s blog – another Canberran!

So here’s what I gathered up –

* Ulta3 – Lily White for the base, Fruit Tingle, Atomic OJ & Frangipani for the gradient & spots, Black Satin for the leopard print accents, and a base coat & top coat

* a $6 box of sponges from Coles

* my dotting tools from Born Pretty Store (one small, one large)

* some tape for masking (or a peel off / wash off glue)

* clean up brush & Ulta3 polish remover.

This design was inspired by @babsnails Fruit Tingle & Atomic OJ gradient & Funky Colour Leopard Print manis on IG.

1. Paint the base colour – white makes neons pop, or use the lightest of your chosen gradient colours.

2. Tape or mask the fingers

3. Gradient – I paint the colours on a plastic baggie and use a damp sponge to ‘roll’ the colours onto each nail. But you can paint the strips of colour diectly on the sponge. Keep layering until you get the look you want.

4 Remove the tape and clean up.

5. Apply top coat while the gradient is still slightly damp. This will even out any texture from the sponging and give a better finish. Bottom Left shows the texture before clean up & top coat.  Right shows the smoother finish.

You could stop here – or use it as a base for … more nail art!

I decided to use the Fruit Tingle and Frangipani dotted over the gradient in reverse for the leopard print, and (using a smaller dotting tool) added some C & V  shapes around the dots.

When dry, add a final top coat and ….


I hope you enjoyed my first pictorial.  There’s nothing like jumping into the deep-end!!!!

Love & Light