Who’s been a baaad blogger?

Well, that would be me!

Goodbye 2014 and hello 2015!!!!  I hope you all had a safe and happy festive season and got to do things you enjoy!

Here’s a bit of a round up of some of my favourite mani’s from last year – some I like because of the colour, others because they were fun to do, and others because I finally sort of nailed a new technique.

Hmmm the pic wouldn’t load :-[

Here’s the link until I figure out what went wrong! 2014 manis on IG

This year on the nail scene I aim to be a better blogger (including how to load pics!), work my way through some untrieds, participate in some nail art challenges on IG (as @katherinelb12) & learn some new techniques.

For those who are interested in my other addiction, on the craft scene I aim to be spinning, knitting, weaving & quilting my way through 2015 (@spindleweb).

Here’s hoping anyway!

Stay safe and polished – until next time!

Neon Gradient Leopard Print – from 2014

Hello again!

It’s been a while! To get back into blogging on WordPress I thought I’d have a go at importing from my Blogger site – this was my favourite mani from 2014, complete with pictorial – I hope it works!

… I love gradients – both doing (ie trying to do) them and the finished look – and the idea that even a failed gradient can be resurrected with a stamp or glitter or both!

Not long ago there was a spate of neon gradients on IG and I’ve been wanting to give it a go and started hunting down some Ulta3 neons (BabsNails I blame you for this!). I also wanted to try a different sponge.  BTW – my go to spot for checking out swatches of Ulta3s listed by colour and finish is More Nail Polish‘s blog – another Canberran!

So here’s what I gathered up –

* Ulta3 – Lily White for the base, Fruit Tingle, Atomic OJ & Frangipani for the gradient & spots, Black Satin for the leopard print accents, and a base coat & top coat

* a $6 box of sponges from Coles

* my dotting tools from Born Pretty Store (one small, one large)

* some tape for masking (or a peel off / wash off glue)

* clean up brush & Ulta3 polish remover.

This design was inspired by @babsnails Fruit Tingle & Atomic OJ gradient & Funky Colour Leopard Print manis on IG.

1. Paint the base colour – white makes neons pop, or use the lightest of your chosen gradient colours.

2. Tape or mask the fingers

3. Gradient – I paint the colours on a plastic baggie and use a damp sponge to ‘roll’ the colours onto each nail. But you can paint the strips of colour diectly on the sponge. Keep layering until you get the look you want.

4 Remove the tape and clean up.

5. Apply top coat while the gradient is still slightly damp. This will even out any texture from the sponging and give a better finish. Bottom Left shows the texture before clean up & top coat.  Right shows the smoother finish.

You could stop here – or use it as a base for … more nail art!

I decided to use the Fruit Tingle and Frangipani dotted over the gradient in reverse for the leopard print, and (using a smaller dotting tool) added some C & V  shapes around the dots.

When dry, add a final top coat and ….


I hope you enjoyed my first pictorial.  There’s nothing like jumping into the deep-end!!!!

Love & Light


blog update – the wonders of broadband over dial up!

Hi after a long pause!  This post is not nail related, simply an update and apology for the gap in blogging! Sorry!!!


After setting up Lily Loves Lacquer I discovered the difficulties of blogging with a dial up, so…. I organised a proper internet connection and even have WiFi. Yay!


The equipment (modem?) Arrived yesterday and now it seems to be set up and working – soon I will make another attempt at nail-blogging 😁


Back soon with some of the gorgeous polishes I’ve snavelled up over the last few months




May What’s In-die Box – True Blood

Hello on this blustery Winter day!

I’m beginning to think this might work – I even managed to upload some pics! So maybe I’m not such a techno-noob as I thought.

Aah well – here goes my first real blog post on WordPress! (I know I’m a bit behind the times with posting this one, but I had a bit of trouble uploading the pics – I’m still trying to work out whether WordPress or BlogSpot is the easiest to use for a newbie!)

I jumped in and ordered the May What’s In-die Box at the last moment … Even on a no buy I had to have the True Blood themed box. May’s box did not disappoint!

5 beauties from Peita’s Polish, Deadset Babes, Lilypad Lacquer, Glam Polish and Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

First up, All Flavour No Bite! by Peita’s Polish.  A gorgeous red with depth and a superb shine. Just perfect, and my favourite from the collection. Shown here with 2 very easy coats (3 strokes per nail!) and Peita Polish Quick Gloss Me Up top coat. No pic and no words can do this sparkly red gem justice! ❤

Next up, Eric In Chains by Deadset Babes (mmmm – Eric 😍)  This one’s a gorgeous silver holo. I couldn’t take All Flavour No Bite! off – even after 3 days, so I chose to add an Eric in Chains feature nail with stylised chains using Nail Vinyls’ chevrons.

Luckily there was a bit of sun the day I took these pics to show off both beauties.

Aah – I Love The Smell Of Nail Polish In The Morning by Lilypad Lacquer. I’m going to have to watch True Blood again – I must have missed that scene! Maybe it was before my nail polish fetish kicked in, so I didn’t notice. This one is almost a metallic blue, loaded with microglitter (some of which look holo) and flakies. There’s so much going on in this bottle and on my nails! But it all seems to work together.

These pics are 3 coats with top coat.

Next up, Ciao Bi$%#es by Glam Polish – inspired by the flamboyant Lafayette. An almost charcoal/purple blackened jelly absolutely stacked with a rainbow of glitter! (which you can see in the bottle shot top right).

These pics are 3 coats topped with Peita Polish Glitter Glaze top coat.  And, with all that glitter goodness, I could probably have done a second top coat because this one is a bit thirsty.

Finally, Sookie by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I was a bit nervous about how Sookie would go with my skin tone so just tried a single feature nail with Ciao Bi$%@es!

Sookie is gorgeous – fairy-wing translucent with a delicate pink and gold shimmer and gold flakies. Shown here 3 coats with Peita Polish Glitter Glaze top coat.

And here they all are together!

All of these are fabulous – great application, dry time and finish. I really like all of them, but All Flavour No Bite is my pick of the bunch! Just stunning ❤

What’s In-die Box is an Aussie Indie collaboration that is released monthly and hosted on and sold through Peita’s Polish shop.  All polishes are limited to the box so you never have to worry about doubling up with anything in your stash when you buy a collection. Pre-orders for the June What’s In-die Box have closed and the lucky buyers will probably start getting them during the next week.

June is the first anniversary box and the theme is holo! @whatsindiebox on IG will start posting hints for the July box soon, so keep an eye out.

At AUD$50 it’s a fun way to get your hands on 5 limited polishes by 5 fabulous Aussie Indies! I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post on WordPress x

hello & welcome

Well I finally took the plunge and started a blog!  This blog is part of my nail polish fetish journey that I started on IG nearly a year ago (katherinelb12).  I decided to name it after my beautiful black cat, Lily. This is simply an intro post, but I plan to blog at least weekly. That’s the plan anyway.

A very little bit about me – I’m an Aussie living in Canberra with a slightly addictive personality, hence my growing collection of nail polish (mainly Aussie Indies).  I’m on a steep learning curve with nail art and I’ll be showing my successes and failures (which are more likely!) along the way!

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy the journey!